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Airbus A300

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Airbus A300 Air Alfa

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Airbus A300B2 - Air Alfa

Air Alfa was a Turkish charter airline founded in 1992 and based at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. A second base was holiday destination Antalya Airport. Air Alfa started flying with Boeing 727s and in 1994 it became a widebody operator when the first Airbus A300 joined the fleet. Until it ceased operations in December 2001 Air Alfa flew eleven A300s. Most of them were of the A300B4 version, like the one on the photograph, but during the last few years of its existence the airline also used three Airbus A300-600s. One A300 was written off after a cabin fire at Atatürk Airport in 1996. The airline restarted operations in 2002 as 'Alpha Airlines', but filed for bankruptcy at the end of the same year.

The A300 remained the only widebody aircraft type in the Air Alfa fleet. The planes were a common sight at Düsseldorf Airport in Germany, where both photographs have been taken. The photo below shows an A300 in an early colour scheme.

Airbus A300 Air Alfa

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