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Airbus A300

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Airbus A300 Onur Air

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Airbus A300B4 - Onur Air

The Airbus A300 is very popular among charter airlines in Turkey. It is or was in service with airlines like Akdeniz, Sultan Air, Anatolia, GTI, Air Alfa, Onur Air, Fly Air and others.

The pictures show aircraft of Onur Air, one of the oldest and biggest Turkish holiday charter airlines. Since Turkey became a very popular holiday destination during the 1990s, tourists like to visit places like Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir and Istanbul.

Onur Air received its first A300s in 1996 and has so far operated a total of about fifteen different aircraft of the B4 and -600R versions. The picture above shows an A300-600R in the newest colour scheme approaching Düsseldorf. On the picture below an Onur Air A300B4 in the old livery departs from Düsseldorf.

Airbus A300 Onur Air

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