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Airbus A330

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Airbus A330 Air Canada

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Airbus A330-300 - Air Canada

Air Canada is by far the biggest airline of Canada. The airline was founded in 1936 as Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA) and began flying in 1937. The company was renamed 'Air Canada' in 1965 and in 2001 took over its rival Canadian Airlines. Air Canada's main base is Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Air Canada began operating widebody aircraft in 1970 with the introduction of its first Boeing 747. Another early widebody type in the fleet was the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. Today Air Canada flies several widebody types: Airbus A330, Boeing 767, and Boeing 777. It has the 787 Dreamliner on order as a replacement for A330s en 767s.

The Air Canada fleet comprises eight Airbus A330-300s, of which the first aircraft were delivered in 1999. The large picture shows an A330 approaching London Heathrow Airport. On the photo below an Air Canada A330 in Star Alliance colour scheme is approaching Frankfurt Rhein/Main Airport.

Airbus A330 Air Canada / Star Alliance

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