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Airbus A340 Air Jamaica

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Airbus A340 - Air Jamaica

Air Jamaica was founded in October 1968 and started flying on April 1, 1969. The airline is based at Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport. Since 2010 it is owned by Caribbean Airlines.

Air Jamaica became a widebody operator when it received its first Airbus A300B4 aircraft in 1983. It operated a total of eight of the type, until the last aircraft left the fleet in 2001. Air Jamaica also operated two Boeing 747s. One was leased for soms months from Aer Lingus in 1986-1987. In 1987-1988 Air Jamaica operated a Tower Air 747.

In the late nineties of the last century Air Jamaica flew a number of Airbus A310 aircraft, which were replaced by the Airbus A340 from 1999. The first aircraft was an ex-Air Mauritus A340-300 and it remained in service with the airline until 2005. The other two aircraft were ex Air Canada A340-300Xs, and joined the fleet in 2002. The A340s of the airline of the tropical Carribban island flew on the Kingston-London Heathrow route from 2002 until 2008, when the London service was abandoned.

The Air Jamaica A340s were painted in a very colourful livery. The A340 on the photograph is approaching London Heathrow.

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