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Airbus A340 Olympic

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Airbus A340 - Olympic Airlines

The Greek airline Olympic Airways was formed in 1951 by the merger of three existing airlines in Greece as TAE Greek National Airlines, but in 1957 it was rebranded as Olympic Airways. Olympic became a widebody operator in 1973 when it received its first Boeing 747-200B aircraft. Another widebody type in the fleet for many years was the Airbus A300.

In December 2003 charter subsidiary Macedonian Airlines took over the operations of Olympic Airways and renamed itself Olympic Airlines. It took delivery then of four A340-300 as a replacement for the Boeing 747s. In 2009 the airline was reformed as Olympic Air and the four A340s were stored then at Athens Airport. Olympic Air doesn't fly any widebody aircraft. The A340 of the 'Olympic Airlines'-period on the photograph is approaching London Heathrow.

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