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Airbus A380 Emirates

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Airbus A380 - Emirates

Emirates is by far the biggest customer of the Airbus A380. In December 2009 it became the second airline operating the type after Singapore Airlines. The airline has ordered a total of 140 A380s.

Emirates is based at Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates, and is the largest airline in the Middle East. It was founded in 1985 after Gulf Air began to reduce its services to Dubai. It started flying with a single Airbus A300 and a Boeing 727.

Emirates flies a more than 200 aircraft strong all-widebody fleet, with the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 at its core. It took delivery of its first A380 megajet in December 2009. The 50th aircraft was delivered to the airline in July 2014. A special feature for Emirates's first class passengers are the shower cabins aboard the aircraft.

For the last fifty A380s to be delivered to the airline Emirates wants Airbus to develop a version with new engines - the A380neo - to take advantage of the new technology that makes turbofan engines less thirsty. Airbus has not yet decided whether it will develop such a new version.

The photograph is taken at London Heathrow where Emirates operates five A380-flights a day.

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