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Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet - Northwest

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Boeing 747-200 - Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines (NWA) was a major US airline, the world's sixth airline in terms of passenger miles flown, until it was swallowed by Delta Air Lines in 2008.

Northwest Airlines was founded on 1 September 1926 as Northwest Airways and started flying mail for the U.S. Post Office Department. The airline was originally based in Detroit, Michigan. Northwest pioneered flying from New York to Japan via Alaska and developed this route further after World War II, so that it became the dominant airline in the trans-Pacific market.

When the airline merged with Delta, Northwest had hubs at Minneapolis-St. Paul, Detroit and Memphis, and it was also the largest cargo carrier among US passenger airlines.

Northwest Airlines became a widebody operator with the arrival of its first Boeing 747s in 1970, which it used on its transpacific and busy domestic services. It operated twelve 747-100s, 23 747-200Bs, twelve 747-200F freighters, two 747-300s and sixteen 747-400s. Some 747-200s were converted to freighters. Ex-Northwest 747-400s are still active in the fleet of Delta.

The photograph shows a Northwest Airlines 747-200 taxiing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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