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Boeing 747-200F United Parcel Service

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Boeing 747-200F - UPS United Parcel Service

UPS United Parcel Service is a specialised cargo company, founded in 1907. In 1929 UPS became the first package delivery company to provide air service via privately operated airlines. However, because of lack of volume (caused in part by the Great Depression) UPS ended the service in the same year.

In 1953 UPS resumed air operations. UPS packages flew in the cargo holds of the aircraft of scheduled airlines. Deregulation of the airline industry created new opportunities for UPS and in the early 1980s it began to build up its own aircraft fleet to become less dependent on airline services. It also entered the overnight air delivery business.

In 1988 UPS received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate its own aircraft, thereby officially becoming an airline.

Today, UPS Airlines is one of the ten largest airlines in the United States with a fleet of more than two hundred aircraft, including several widebody types. One of these types is the Boeing 747. The aircraft on the picture is a former short-range JAL-aircraft (747SR), once used on domestic services in Japan. After conversion to freighter is was delivered to UPS in 1990. The picture is taken at Ontario Airport (California), the location of an important UPS hub.

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