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Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet - Thai International

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Boeing 747-400 - Thai International

Thai Airways International is the national airline of Thailand. The airline was set up in 1960 as a joint venture between Thai Airways Company (TAC) and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System). During the 1960s it started air services within the Asian region and it launched its first intercontinental services in 1971, to Australia, followed by Europe in 1972 and North America in 1980.

In 1977 the Thai Government bought out SAS's remaining 15 percent holding. In 1988 the airline merged with Thai Airways Company, the domestic airline.

Thai flies an almost all-widebody fleet, including eightteen Boeing 747-400 aircraft. The airline is famous for its colour schemes. The pictures below show the old prize-winning standard livery and a special colour scheme for Thailand promotion. The new livery, seen on the picture above, uses elements of the old one.

Boeing 747-400 Thai

Boeing 747-400 Thai

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