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Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet

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Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet - Virgin Atlantic

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Boeing 747-400 - Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic was originally projected as British Atlantic Airways and intended as a successor of Laker Airways in the early 1980s. After founder Randolph Fields met business man Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records, the two joint forces and Virgin Atlantic Airways was born. It started flying in 1984 with a single Boeing 747-200.

Today Virgin Atlantic is Britain's second largest airline and it flies from London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester to destinations in the US, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Australia. An icon of the airline is 'Scarlet Lady', who is depicted as a small figure on every Virgin Atlantic aircraft behind the cockpit. On one of the Boeing 747-400's Scarlet Lady is shown much bigger, as can be seen on the picture above. The 747-400 standard livery of Virgin Atantic can be seen on the photograph below.

Boeing 747-400 Virgin

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