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Boeing 767-300 Delta Air Lines

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Boeing 767-300 - Delta

Delta Air Lines is the biggest operator of the Boeing 767. Its fleet has included more than one hundred Boeing 767s, but the number is dwindling now. Versions operated were/are: 767-200, 767-300, 767-300ER and 767-400ER. Delta was the first operator of the last-mentioned version.

The 767-200 is not any longer in service now with Delta. The first of 15 aircraft was delivered in 1982 and the version was phased out in 2006 and 2007. Boeing delivered the first 767-300 in 1986 and the first 767-300ER in 1990. The first 767-400ER arrived in 2000.

The photograph above shows a Delta Boeing 767-300 in the newest colour scheme taxiing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. On the picture below a 767-300 in the old livery is seen and the third picture shows a Delta 767 in a special 'Habitat for Humanity' paint scheme, which is part of a philanthropic effort of the airline in connection with Habitat for Humanity International.

Boeing 767 Delta Air Lines

Boeing 767 Delta

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