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Boeing 767-300 Transaero

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Boeing 767-300ER - Transaero

Transaero Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in Russia. It offers flights from Moscow Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports and from St. Petersburg. The airline is a big user of western built widebody airliners. In operation are the Boeing 747 (-300 and -400), the Boeing 767 (-200ER and -300ER) and the Boeing 777 (-200, -200ER and -300). Transaero also has four Airbus A380s on order plus four Boeing 747-8 Intercontinentals. An intended order for four Boeing 787 Dreamlines is not firm yet. In early 2012 Transaero operated 76 aircraft, of which more than half were widebodies.

Transaero was founded in 1990 and started operating charter flights. It became the first airline after Aeroflot being approved to perform scheduled passenger services within the Soviet Union. Its first aircraft were leased from Aeroflot, but in 1992 the airline received its first own widebody, an Ilyushin Il-86. Since 1993 Transaero also operates western built airliners, at first the Boeing 737-200 and 757-200 and later during the 1990s the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. It was the first passenger airline operating 747s in Russia when it introduced the 747-200B in 2005.

In 2002 the first Boeing 767-200ER was introduced, followed in 2003 by the first 767-300ER. The aircraft on the photograph is a 767-300ER taxiing at Salzburg W.A. Mozart Airport in Austria. In early 2012 Transaero had three 767-200ERs and eleven 767-300ERs in operation.

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