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McDonnell Douglas DC-10

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McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) DC-10 Airtours

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McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 - Airtours

Douglas aircraft have never been popular in Britain. The DC-10, however, flew with several British airlines, including holiday airline Airtours International, the in-house airline of the Airtours tour operating company. Other British DC-10 users were British Caledonian, British Airways, Laker Airways, Monarch Airlines and JMC Air.

Airtours flew three DC-10-10s and one DC-10-30, which were introduced between 1998 and 2000. On the large picture above a DC-10-10 is seen at Luton, a popular airport for holiday flights near London. After takeovers in Germany and Denmark the Airtours Group was renamed MyTravel Group in 2002. Consequently the name of the airline changed to MyTravel Airways.

MyTravel kept the three DC-10-10s in service until late 2004 and the single DC-10-30 (picture below) was scrapped in 2005. The DC-10s didn't get the complete MyTravel colour scheme. They were replaced by Airbus A330s.

DC-10 MyTravel

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