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McDonnell Douglas DC-10

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McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) DC-10 Centurion Air Cargo

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McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
Centurion Air Cargo

Centurion Air Cargo is an American all-cargo airline based at Miami International Airport. The airline was formed in 1985 as Challenge Air Cargo, a subsidiary of Challenge Air Transport. In 2001 the airline was renamed Centurion Air Cargo. Centurion mainly flies services to Central and South America, specialising in the transport of vegetables, seafood, flowers and horses. Sister airlines are Cielos del Peru and Master Top Airlines (MTA).

Centurion Air Cargo started operating its first McDonnell Douglas DC-10 freighter in 2001 and flew a total of eleven of the type. From 2009 the DC-10s were replaced by McDonnell Douglas MD-11s and Boeing 747-400Fs.

The DC-10-30 on the photograph (N47888) is a DC-10-30, which was originally delivered to Ariana Afghan Airlines in 1979. It also flew for British Caledonian and British Airways and entered service with Centurion in 2002. The picture is taken at Miami International Airport.

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