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McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) DC-10 Malaysia Airlines

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McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 - Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines (formerly MAS - Malaysia Airline System, until 1987) is the national airline of Malaysia. It is based at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and has a smaller hub at Kuching. The airline exists since 1947 as Malayan Airways. In 1966 it became Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) and in 1972 the airline was split up into Malaysian Airline System and Singapore Airlines.

The airline was and is operator of several types of widebody airliners. In 1976 it received its first McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 aircraft. Later it operated the MD-11 and the Airbus A300 and in 1982 the first Boeing 747 became part of the fleet. Today Malaysia Airlines flies the Boeing 747-400, the Airbus A330 and the 777-200ER. It has the Airbus A380 on order.

Malaysia Airlines operated a total of 21 DC-10s, including three DC-10-10s. Five DC-10-30CF (Convertible Freighters) were leased from World Airways and operated as freighters. The photograph shows a DC-10 taking off from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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