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McDonnell Douglas DC-10

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McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) DC-10 UTA

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McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 - UTA

Union de Transports Aériens (UTA) was a French international airline mainly operating services between France and former French colonies in Africa, the Indian Ocean and French Polynesia. The airline was the result of a merger between the airlines UAT (Union Aéromaritime de Transport) and TAI (Compagnie de Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux) in 1963, and was the number two airline in France until it was swallowed by its rival Air France in 1990.

UTA was a member of the KSSU-group (KLM, SAS, Swissair and UTA), which was set up to join forces on maintenance of widebody airliners operated by group-members and other airlines. Every member got its own task within the group. KSSU-airlines placed a combined order for 23 DC-10s and 12 options in June 1969.

UTA operated six DC-10s. The first example was delivered in 1973. After the takeover Air France didn't keep the DC-10s in the fleet. The aircraft on the picture is seen while landing at Miami Airport.

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