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Ilyushin Il-86 - Transaero

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Ilyushin Il-86 - Transaero

Transaero was founded in 1990 as a charter airline, operating aircraft leased from Aeroflot. On November 5, 1991, it flew its first charter flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv. Transaero became the first private company in Russia to fly scheduled passenger services in the Sovjet Union when it started a service between Moscow and Norilsk in January 1993, soon followed by other destinations like Kiev, Sochi and Almaty. The first international service, from Moscow to Tel Aviv, started in November 1993.

Transaero's first own aircraft was an Ilyushin Il-86, which it received in July 1992. It is shown on the picture at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. However, the airline soon began to operate western equipment, like the Boeing 737 and 757.

Today Transaero is one of the biggest Russian airlines with a fleet of around one hundred aircraft, mostly Boeings and Airbuses. The fleet includes widebodies like the Boeing 747, 767 and 777. On order are the Boeing 787, the 747-8I and the Airbus A330neo and A380.

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